It's My LIFE

You’ve Never
Seen Anything

Like This

By Molly Dickinson

LIFE Vision, the University’s new seminar series,
pushes Chiropractic to the edge of its seat


At the heart of any life—be it plant, animal or mechanical—is a source of energy. From the smallest cell division to the global workings of an entire human race, every action, reaction and interaction depends on the ignition and sustenance of a power source. The more concentrated that power, and the more unencumbered and receptive the channels through which it can flow, the higher the performance. This is a fundamental tenet of Chiropractic philosophy. And yet, as an inarguably diverse and vibrant community of professionals, chiropractors often neglect to take full advantage of their own vital sources of power and potential—namely, each other.


On July 26 and 27, 2013, an inaugural group of doctors, educators, administrators and students of Chiropractic will convene at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel at the Cobb Galleria Center in Marietta, Ga., to change that. LIFE Vision, as the quarterly events will be called, is a two-day shot of high-energy, high-impact inspirational and educational moments designed to bring current and future chiropractic leaders of all perspectives together to connect and recharge. The deliberately dressed-down, powered-up convention format will contain no academic lectures or practical seminars. Instead, 20- to 30-minute “micro-presentations”—bursts of insight delivered by some of the most innovative and compelling names in the profession—will offer lived advice for the modern chiropractor, addressing such influential topics as creating your own brand of success, significance and lasting purpose; striking a work/life balance; staying passionate about your calling; and growing a practice by growing as a practitioner. 


Micro-presentations will take place without a published schedule—attendees won’t know what topic or speaker to expect next. To ensure that everyone who attends leaves with more insights, more friends, more memories and more contagious excitement than they came with, an all-inclusive party will punctuate the first day’s presentations, complete with dinner, a live band and a lively dance floor. A luncheon on the second and final day (included with all DC, staff and guest tickets), hosted by Life University President Guy F. Riekeman, D.C., will give participants an opportunity to connect with each other, with presenters and with the world’s largest chiropractic university. 


Sharon Gorman, D.C., LIFEforce 1000 Pura Vida member, Life University trustee and co-president of the League of Chiropractic Women, has more than 20 years of experience participating in and hosting chiropractic seminars. She worked closely with Guy F. Riekeman and a committee of organizers to create the event. “It’s not a head seminar,” Gorman says. “It’s a heart seminar. This is about preparing yourself for success—mentally, physically, spiritually.” 


“Think of it like TED for chiropractors,” Riekeman adds. “Hundreds of great chiropractic minds and hearts all coming together to pool their insights and energy, remind themselves why they love what they do, and teach themselves how to do it better.” Unlike academic, for-credit seminars, LIFE Vision’s goal is to empower attendees by reconnecting them both to themselves—to their passion for their work, their inner creativity, their untapped potential—and to leaders within the profession who can inspire while providing practical tools for growth. It’s also refreshingly free of alienating agendas.


“One of the things that I’ve always found at Life University is their unconditional acceptance of different chiropractors regardless of their philosophy. Obviously, [Life University has] a profound philosophy, but with a lot of seminars, if you don’t believe exactly what the people who are holding the seminar believe, then you feel less-than. We’re looking to do away with that so that people from all walks of chiropractic can come and feel welcome,” says Riekeman. That includes people at all stages of their chiropractic careers—from retired DCs to those still looking at chiropractic colleges.


Each quarterly LIFE Vision seminar will take place during the same weekend as two of the University’s most popular and well-attended events—the LIFE Leadership Weekend (for prospective students) and the LIFEforce 1000 Insiders’ Weekend (for member DCs of the chiropractic leadership organization). Event schedules have been coordinated to ensure that LIFEforce 1000 doctors and their guests can also attend the LIFE Vision program if they choose. By aligning these gatherings and bringing such a diverse and engaged cohort of the chiropractic community together—in a “co-mingling of the new and the old that is so valuable in the profession,” as Gorman puts it—Life University hopes to encourage the kind of conversations and connections that will both unite the profession and drive it in positive new directions.


A total of 19 esteemed speakers have been confirmed for the July 26−27 event, in addition to four emcees (including Gorman herself). A handful of current LIFE students will also take the stage to round out the program with up-and-coming perspectives on the present and future of Chiropractic. Altogether, the list of speakers [published in its entirety, inset] reads like a who’s-who of Chiropractic leadership spanning from the 1960s to today. Jim Sigafoose, D.C., and Chuck Ribley, D.C., are among the most renowned and recognized names on the roster, with more than 100 years of chiropractic experience between them. More recent innovators include Jim Dubel, D.C., founder of the New Beginnings Chiropractic Philosophy weekend, Eddie Diaz, D.C., president of the Chiropractic Foundation of Puerto Rico, and Rebecca Ray, D.C., the first female chair of Life College’s Board of Trustees, the first woman elected to the International Chiropractic Association Board of Representatives and former Georgia Council of Chiropractic president. Nearly all of the event speakers are practicing chiropractors. 


Gorman sees incredible potential for LIFE Vision. In a few years, she says, “I could see a couple thousand people attending it. I would like to see, within a year, for us to have 400 or 500 people attending it.” In addition to the A-list cast of speakers, high-octane, low-cost approach and welcoming, homecoming-like atmosphere, she feels the event will offer attendees a genuine opportunity to connect and grow—together. “It’s going to grow because it’s going to exceed people’s expectations, and because it’s going to actually be their seminar. They are going to create their tribe. And we are going to link arms with them and help them master what we’ve mastered and succeed.”


LIFE Vision attendees are encouraged to stay at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel at Cobb Galleria Center. A block of rooms has been reserved and attendees will receive a special discounted room rate (please inquire when making your reservations). In order to accommodate guests traveling with children, Life University has arranged for a family break room at the hotel. The room will be equipped with a live broadcast of the LIFE Vision event, and will allow parents to step out of the main event areas to care for their accompanying children.


Tickets for the July 26−27 event may be purchased online at lifevisionseminars.com. Current chiropractic students may also purchase discounted tickets directly from the Life University Student Philosophy Alliance ($10 of these tickets sales will go to benefit student philosophy organizations on campus).


Dr. Sid Williams’ Memorial

The sad news of Dr. Sid Williams’ passing over the Christmas holiday was sad news for his family and friends, and it was the end of an era for the chiropractic profession. Dr. Sid’s funeral was a family affair, as it should have been, but there were thousands of people who wanted to celebrate his chiropractic life, what he meant to the profession and specifically, what he meant to Life University.


On March 8, Life University honored and celebrated the life of Dr. Sid with a multi-tiered event. Friends, colleagues, alumni and family came to the campus and experienced a wonderful tribute to the man who created Life University.

The event commenced in Celebration Plaza, the courtyard outside of the Center for Chiropractic Education building. Life University administrators, students, the Board of Trustees and all the guests convened and began a march through the campus. The processional, led by a white, rider-less horse, blazed a path along a serpentine route through Lyceum Park, past the Bell Tower and across Barclay Circle to the TIC Auditorium for the tribute and memorial.


The memorial was not necessarily meant to be a somber affair; it was meant to be a celebration of life for Dr. Sid. The Atlanta Drumline kicked off the celebration with an up-tempo beat reminiscent of Dr. Sid’s Georgia Tech football days. This was followed by readings, stories and tributes from colleagues such as Life University president Guy Riekeman, D.C., Chairman Deborah Pogrelis, D.C., Trustees Betty Siegel, D.C., and R. James Gregg, D.C., Day-One faculty member Gerard Clum, D.C., colleague Bobby Braile, D.C., and former LIFE rugby player Bobby Gise, D.C. Interspersed among the speakers were songs from the EYC Gospel Choir who sang “You Raise Me Up” and “I Believe I Can Fly.”


The event concluded with a warm tribute from Dr. Sid’s lifelong friend D.D. Humber, D.C. There were amusing memories, touching moments, moving words of praise and thanks and an overall sense of appreciation for a life well lived by Dr. Sid.


After the tribute, the processional made its way back to the Bell Tower for a special presentation: the lighting of the eternal flame. There is no denying that Dr. Sid’s memory and influence will remain on the campus of Life University in perpetuity. An eternal flame is a fitting memorial for the man who meant so much to the University and to the chiropractic profession. As Dr. Sid’s grandsons lit the flame, a bugler played taps as a hush came over the assembled crowd.


Later that evening, a black tie gala was organized as a more intimate affair for friends and colleagues to gather and share their favorite stories and memories of Dr. Sid. More than 100 people attended the event and raised a glass in honor of Dr. Sid Williams – Defender of the Chiropractic Principle.


Rest in peace, Dr. Sid.


Gearing Up for the CRC

In previous issues of TCL, we’ve told you all about our nationally ranked rugby teams and why we put so many resources into helping grow the sport in the United States. LIFE is in a unique position to become a household name, not just in rugby circles, but in the annals of college sports. We see rugby, the fastest growing sport in the country, as a way to help push Chiropractic past that proverbial tipping point, too.


The Collegiate Rugby Championship (CRC) is nationally televised on NBC each June. Last year, LIFE was not only a fan favorite at the event, but also a favorite of the NBC camera crew. The announcers mentioned Chiropractic numerous times throughout the telecast, giving the profession invaluable exposure to a massive audience. Last year, the announcers said, “LIFE is known for two things: rugby and Chiropractic.”


Last year LIFE had to qualify for the CRC through our victory in the Las Vegas Invitational. But this year, we have been invited back, and we want to fill the stadium with chiropractors. This is an incredible opportunity for the profession—with Life University playing rugby on television, it will be Chiropractic on display. Not only are we a chiropractic college, but our players are all products of chiropractic care, a wellness-centered lifestyle and the personification of optimum physical performance.


Once again, this is an invitation to ALL chiropractors, regardless of your college affiliation, to come join us in Philadelphia June 1−2, 2013! Even if you went to another chiropractic college, come out to cheer on Chiropractic.


You won’t have to close your practice down for a week, and you won’t have to spend a fortune on tickets. Go to Rugby4LIFE.com to purchase a two-day ticket for $35. You will also get a free LIFE Rugby T-shirt with your purchase. This is the official T-shirt that is sure to be as iconic as last year’s fluorescent version. And if you don’t want to be disloyal to your alma mater (if you graduated from a different chiropractic college), no worries—just wear your favorite chiropractic gear.


The CRC is going to be a great party and a great celebration of Chiropractic! You will have an incredible time watching elite college rugby, hanging out with your chiropractic brethren and experiencing what is sure to be an event people will talk about for years to come! You don’t want to miss out—buy your tickets and make your plans today.