President’s Letter


Life University was asked to provide a two-minute public service piece about the college to be shown just before the movie on all the domestic and international American Airlines flights. It will air the entire month of May. It’s tough to condense a lifetime of work and dreams down to 1:57 seconds … what do you put in? Harder yet, what do you leave out?

The final script, once those questions were answered, took four of us about seven hours to complete. (BTW, if you’d like to see it, we’ll email it to you or it will soon be posted on the LIFE Facebook page or my personal Facebook Fan Page.) Bottom line: In working day in and day out, we all tend to forget what’s been accomplished and to stop and celebrate.

Walt Disney said you should have two celebrations a week as a business and two as a family. The first time I heard that from Michael Vance, then president of Disney University, I thought that seemed a bit excessive. But then I monitored how many times in one day I told my daughters, NO to this or that; how many times I ignored their excitement over something profound to them, but uninteresting to me; or how many times I failed to appreciate them openly. All of a sudden, twice a week seemed like a minimal commitment.

Life University has done/is doing some amazing things all over the planet for chiropractors, for the profession and for spreading TIC to humanity. It’s all based on our vision and values that I posted as a series of position statements on Facebook starting with a simple but profound linear set of statements having to do with our goal at LU, which is to MAXIMIZE THE EXPRESSION OF THE PERFECTION WITHIN EACH HUMAN BEING.

Just as important were the position statements that followed on our view of drugs in Chiropractic, our investment policies and divesting ourselves of anything having to do with pharmaceutical companies and our reasons for switching our college insurance coverage away from a company that said it would insure docs who use drugs in their practices, while also gaining a commitment from another company that they would not do so. There were also short pieces on what Life University is doing for you. If you didn’t see them, you can go to our Facebook page and catch up, or email me and we’ll send them out to you.

At Life University we are making sure we are clear and focused on our Vision and Values, and we are striving to be as congruent as possible with our day-to-day activities and relationships.

Life University is a very unique place that is absolutely AWESOME. As the two-minute American Airlines piece ends, the last comment is, “The not so little University that is changing the world.” Let’s celebrate our professional, business and family accomplishments by having two celebrations a week. Let me know how they materialize … what types of celebrations you had … and how having them is affecting your life and relationships.