Quick Thots

Design Resources

You don’t have to be a trained architect or engineer to design an innovative office space. From online tools to computer software, there are plenty of ways to get started designing the office of your dreams—without paying architect’s fees. 



This innovative application builds customized 3D designs online and can also help you figure out how to arrange furniture.  



With a five-star rating from CNET editors, this program can be downloaded for free from smartdraw.com. It includes building templates with easy-to-use editing features.



Run by Google, this free download is intuitive, but also has an extensive library of video tutorials. Share your designs with the online community for input and feedback.


Instant Architect by IMSI Design

The affordable, Windows-compatible software allows architects and novices alike to create detailed floorplans that include a materials list so you know what you need to get started.



Celebrating Allergies

In April 2012, researchers at Yale discovered that seasonal allergies are actually a sign that the immune system is functioning regularly and thus protecting the body from harmful toxins more sinister than pollen. There are two types of immunity: The first directly kills pathogens and infections, while type 2 stimulates the body’s T cells and antibodies to battle external toxins. When suffering seasonal allergy symptoms brought on by pollen or ragweed, your type 2 immunity is actually being kicked into overdrive.


While it is not necessary in a survival sense to be protected to such a degree from antigens like dust and pollen, scientists argue that type 2 immunity being on such high defense is a good sign the body is ready for anything from parasites and noxious chemicals to animal venoms and environmental irritants. Take the body’s response to bug bites, for example: The swelling and irritation around a bite can stop a tick or mosquito from accessing a blood vessel if the skin responds fast enough, preventing the transfer of dangerous pathogens such as malaria. 


The next time you’re feeling down about your sneezing and watery eyes, rejoice in the fact that your immune system is strong and your body is doing exactly what it should: working as a dynamic system of functions to keep you healthy.



Leadership 101

Think you can be a leader when it comes to changing the industry mindset? By being a leader, you can inspire people to change. Check out some of these reads to help you on your way:


“The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow,” by John C. Maxwell

Maxwell has sold more than 19 million books and is also the founder of EQIP, a non-profit leadership training organization. The book is organized into short sections so you can read each of his 21 tips independently, or as a whole.


“The Talent Masters: Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers,” by Bill Conaty and Ram Charan

From examples of how companies like GE and P&G base their performance on their talent to a toolkit for assessing and improving your company’s talent, these tips can be applied across many professional fields.


“Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us,” by Seth Godin

As connected as our world is, leadership must still come from individuals. Godin exorts readers to allow their passions to create and lead like-minded groups.