Passions & Pursuits

Rugby Players Drawn to LIFE
Life University has long been one of the world's leading names in chiropractic education. Now, that sense of excellence has been taken to the pitch. By Aubrie Davis

Taking on the World One Shot at a Time
Writer Katie Brown explores the life of wheelchair-bound basketball star Dave Kiley and his devotion to Chiropractic.  

Health & Fitness

Taste This!
Molly Dickinson continues her look into the five senses, with the favorite sense of foodies everywhere.

Barefoot Running
Is less really more? Leslie Johnston discusses the growing trend toward minimalist footwear among runners and its repercussions.

My Relationships

From Sports to Chiropractic
Steve LaBate talks with three athletes-turned-chiros to find out how they got bitten by the chiropractic bug.

My Profession

Marginalized in the Media?
Eddie Childs sits down with a stack of DVDs to answer the question: How does pop culture like chiropractors? 

Perfecting Symmetry of Motion
Sports chiropractor Josh Glass helps athletes achieve their dreams, as well as a few Olympic medals. By Jaime Lackey

Olympic Aspirations 
Aubrie Davis explores the continuing benefits of Chiropractic in high level athletes.

Money & Style

The Tablet Age
Laura Newsome discovers how tablet computing is finding a place in the classroom and in private practice. 

Before You Sign
Dale Willerton discusses eleven important commercial leasing tips for chiropractors negotiating or renewing a lease. 

President’s Letter

Vitalism Signs