President’s Letter

I just finished a weekend with 199 prospective students and 117 guests at Life University. It was a magical weekend with young people experiencing personal transformations; their parents, who were just along for the ride, making career changes and committing to join their kid(s) and become chiropractors; chiropractors talking about the miracles they see in practice (one DC just had a 10-year-old get her hearing back); and 36 out of 36 prospective students from Puerto Rico filled out applications.

But what also impressed me was watching the staff handle everything that came along with style, efficiency, service and a sense of pride—and some of the “stuff” was difficult. And in reflecting on a deeper level, the “a-ha” was that these people whom I have the honor of leading/representing were PERFORMING at a high level.

Performance is really the key to success in today’s world. Of course, it starts with a clearly defined philosophy and designing life principles that are sound and profound, then developing goals that set the dream into a cogent plan. But without high-functioning PERFORMANCE (hfp), it has no impact on people/society. It’s easy to identify athletes who exhibit hfp, but it’s also present in business leaders, parents and chiropractors. So, when you combine hfp with philosophy and principles, magic happens. I saw it at work this last weekend.

How do you get to the MAGIC? Start by clearly writing down your philosophy. At Life University, we start by committing to be a VITALISTIC institution. It’s amazing how easy it is to know where to stand on issues given that clarity of purpose. Then, identify the non-negotiable principles—the uncompromisables—that define and guide your vision.

At Life University, we have eight Core Proficiencies (Values), six distinctions that define our Wellness Portfolio, and a commitment to Lasting Purpose (To Give, To Do, To Love, To Serve—Out of a Sense of Abundance). These probably have little meaning for you, but to us, they define the boundaries of our work and behaviors. Next, you have to put your philosophy and principles into motion with an actionable plan. Ours is called the 20/20 Plan, and the entire College is mobilized around it (including our budget). The only thing left between these steps and success is hfp. So, when I see people working together toward a common vision with joy and pride... well, I get a chill up my spine and a tear in my eye, because watching HIGH FUNCTIONING PERFORMANCE in action is exciting. No, it’s magical.

Enjoy this issue of Today’s Chiropractic LifeStyle. Its focus is all about performance. Then, make some magic in your life—today.