December 2012/January 2013


Passions & Pursuits

DCs Who Give Back

To ensure the profession remains philosophically well-grounded, established DCs are taking the time to nurture the next generation personally and professionally. Jennifer LeClaire talks to chiropractors committed to helping others succeed. 

Health & Fitness

Living Mindfully

From athletes’ pre-competition warm-ups to ancient meditation practices, rituals play an important role in many societies. Laura Newsome describes the ways in which rituals and visualizations can improve focus. 

Controlling Your Destiny

Talking with professionals in the field of cognitive psychology, Jacqueline Frasca explores the process of embracing death as a natural part of life.

My Relationships

Dear John

In this age of technology, the art of the personal, handwritten letter is quickly becoming obsolete, but Gwyn Herbein explains how communicating through letters can help you connect with friends, colleagues and patients.   

It’s My LIFE

Find out what’s new at LIFE University, the leader in the vital health revolution. Included: new curriculum design, LIFE in your city, chiro social media academy, rugby at LIFE and more. 

My Profession

Expanding the Chiropractic Toolset

With its wide range of tools—like coaching, online training and seminars—using a practice management service can boost your career. By Eddie Childs.  

Money & Style

Wellness Gift Guide

Planning to devote yourself more fully to health in the New Year? Our roundup of great wellness products will make your resolutions easy to keep. By Jacqueline Frasca.

Practicing Year-End Tax Preparation

Susan Finch helps you stay ahead of the April 15 tax filing deadline with steps to take in preparation of tax season. 

President’s Letter 

By Dr. Guy Riekeman, president of Life University

Vitalism Signs

By Rebecca Koch