Passions & Pursuits

DCs Who Rock
Ever imagine a life on stage as a rock star? Kelly Skinner interviews five chiropractors who adjust by day and rock out by night.  

The Great Chiropractic Novelist
While listening to a book on tape while driving through a thunderstorm, Drew Rubin, D.C., was inspired to write a novel about a time when modern medicine can no longer fight a disease. Rachel Sullivan investigates his journey as an author.

Health & Fitness

They’re Going the Distance
These chiropractors aren’t your average weekend warriors. As marathoners, track cyclists and Ironman competitors, they’ve taken physical fitness to the next level. By Kelly Skinner 

Your Health and All Its Connections
Stephen Bolles, D.C., discusses the ecosystem of health in Life University’s Wellness Portfolio.

My Relationships

The Art of Skin and Bones
Stacy Corrado, D.C., and artist Tami Jo Urban discuss their shared practice and art gallery, matching tattoos and the art of friendship. By Molly Dickinson

Getting to Know You
Jean McAulay investigates how to get to know, connect with and ultimately improve the inner you.

My Profession

Your Place Within the Profession
A Doctor of Chiropractic degree offers many new entrepreneurial opportunities. Read how these three DCs are in business to help their colleagues. By Jennifer LeClair

Drugs on Demand
Big Pharm's direct-to-patient marketing approach sells a life made perfect by a pill. By Rachel Sullivan

Hearts & Hands
JC Doornick, D.C., the cofounder of ChiroMission, shares how his organization offers a transformative experience for both patients and doctors.

Money & Style 

Appealing Apps
We're suckers for addictive game and nifty resources. Download our list of all-star phone applications. By Kelly Skinner

Wise Money Management
William J. Lynott discusses ten ways to keep your hard-earned cash.

President's Letter 

Vitalism Signs