Passions & Pursuits

Healing Art, Healing Hands
These chiropractic artists were able to uncover the healing power of art, both as artists and viewers. By Katie Brown

Health & Fitness

A Touch is Worth A Thousand Words
Writer Amanda Castleman explores all angles of touch: from a form of healing to an avenue for expression.

Inside Exercise
From exercise trends to finding a fountain of youth, five health experts weigh in on what criteria yield the best fitness routine for you. By Laura Newsome

My Relationships

Serving the Underserved
In the midst of an obesity epidemic, some chiropractors as looking for innovative ways to care for this growing population, while continuing to promote healthy, active lifestyles. By Eddie Childs

All in the Family
Three family chiropractic practices learn how to make it work at work. By Margaret Price

My Profession

Leading with Experience
Katie Brown explores how chiropractic mentorship is not only benefiting a new generation of chiropractors, but the older ones as well.

Thought Leadership

Leadership is a Tricky Thing
TCL’s newest section introduces how thought leadership in Chiropractic, healthcare, education and social change is emanating from Life University, its people and its programs. By Gerry Clum, D.C. 

Money & Style

Dress for Success
To tackle the debate for a chiropractic “dress code,” writer Gwyn Herbein unveils what chiropractors have to say when it comes to letting their clothes do the talking.  

Tax Benefits
Learn the best options on last-minute tax savings for your 2011 income tax bill. By William J. Lynott

President’s Letter

Vitalism Signs