President’s Letter

 I  saw a 1994 segment from “Good Morning America” with Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric as they discussed the new fad sweeping the country—the Internet. They were trying to figure out how to use it and what to use it for. Katie wondered if you needed a computer to access it. Not long ago I heard someone refer to “the Google.” How quickly our world is changing. One in eight marriages last year began with a first encounter on a dating site, and now we have these symbols showing up everywhere you do business. 

The Internet, for some, represents a collapse of human interaction and civility. Yet, instead of robotizing us, it may have driven us to crave and create more meaningful connections with people. After all, we still have our deepest connections with family, friends, staff and, as chiropractors, our patients. In a broader view, the Internet has allowed us to connect with people from around the world who hold similar interests that we might not have otherwise been able to find. As Seth Godin says, “It allows you to connect with Ukrainian folk dancers if you choose.” We are able to connect with those who have something we want to know about, something we want to be a part of and something that expands our vision, passions and joys. 

So, here’s an opportunity — if you’d like to connect with me and what I see going on in the profession and with national and international issues, as well as a host of insights on everything from the drugging of our children to the celebration of life’s most meaningful experiences, I’d like to invite you to subscribe to my blog. I promise you that twice a week there will be new posts that will make you laugh, cry, get angry and have your heart leap with joy from time to time. You can start with my music bio and see something personal about me, such as my likes and dislikes as expressed by two of my horses from my ranch in Colorado (it will make sense when you see it). You can also “like” my Facebook fan page to follow me.

I realize that the most tuned into radio station is WII-FM (which stands for What’s In It For Me). But on the other hand, there is always value in connecting with one aother and having a conversation about what matters—like a good discussion over supper around the table. Since we can’t do that, let’s connect on the Internet.