Passions & Pursuits

Creating a Family
Writer Gwyn Herbein takes a look at two chiropractors who chose to form families through adoption.  

Health & Fitness

The Consumption Conundrum
Eddie Childs analyzes the controversy surrounding high-fructose corn syrup and processed foods in our modern society.

Tanning Beds
Are they your friend or foe in the quest for vitamin D? Writer Jennifer LeClair explains.  

My Relationships

I'm So Tired
Don't hit the snooze button. Steve LaBate uncovers the dilemmas (and possible solutions) to many of our sleep-related issues. 

Getting Kids Involved
Adults aren't the only ones who benefit from regular chiropractic care. Find out what the profession is doing to target its youngest patients. By Katie Brown

My Profession

A Journey Abroad
Many DCs are packing up and heading overseas to spread Chiropractic's message. By Katie Brown  

Thought Leadership

A Way with Animals
Chiropractor Jay Komarek, D.C., exemplifies a thought leader through his tireless dedication to the chiropractic profession and adjusting animals. By Laura Newsome  

Money & Style

Caveat Emptor et Callidus
Craig Dekshenieks unveils the best time to buy certain big ticket items, like cars, airline flights and electronics. 

Managing Student Debt
No matter what your student loan debt amount is, it's important to learn how to manage this growing issue. By Craig Dekshenieks and Susan Finch  

President’s Letter

Vitalism Signs