President’s Letter


That’s the question on the comment card lying on the desk of my hotel room as I’m checking out and rushing to a cab on my way home. The average traveler might respond, “Sure I can, because the Four Seasons is just down the road.”

I admit that while the Ritz, a management company with 35,000 employees worldwide, has won two Malcolm Baldrige Awards and is arguably the best service organization in the world, there are a lot of fine luxury hotels. But what if you’re the guy who checks out of the Ritz in Denver headed to Manhattan for the business meeting of your life and you leave your briefcase behind? The Ritz has a number of unique management policies. One is they stalk their guests looking for behaviors that go into a computer that personalizes your stays … when restocking the mini bar, they notice you drink Coke not Pepsi. Next stay, anywhere in the world, you’re likely to find a mini bar full of Coke. Also, any employee can spend up to $2,000 per day per guest to handle their critical needs. (I did the Ritz training and brought it back to Life U, and while it has transformed how we serve members of our campus and guests, this policy creates sheer panic in the finance department for fear we’ll implement it.) Anyway, an employee notices the briefcase, notifies his boss, heads to the airport and buys a ticket to NYC. The businessman lands, panicked and calls the Ritz. “No worries … head to Manhattan for your luncheon and the Ritz employee will meet you before your meeting with your briefcase.” True story. Do you think that businessman might respond differently than most when asked, “Can you imagine a world without the Ritz in it?”

So, I ask, “Can you imagine a world without Life University?” Arrogant? Maybe, but think about it … today, there is a very strong possibility that had Life U not shown up in New Mexico (Life and Life West were the only chiropractic colleges that did show up), along with a small group of committed TORS and the ICA, there would be drugs legalized in our profession … and another handful of states would have followed suit.

Life U fought for the right to take X-rays for subluxation detection and correction when necessary and was willing to put its accreditation status on the line to do so. Now all chiropractic college students can benefit as well as the patients they serve.

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Beijing and tomorrow we will dedicate the first chiropractic clinics on mainland China at Tsinghua University (considered the Harvard of China). This will likely lead to a chiropractic college in the near future with the highest level of recognition from academic and political China. This would not be happening except for decades of work throughout the world by Life U. That means that a country of 1.3 billion people where only 10 chiropractors are available will be opened to this beautiful life changing science, art and philosophy. 

At Life U, while we just consider it a day’s work, others profoundly feel that we have a wonderful story to tell and that our readers and the Profession would be interested, so we are going to include a few pages in each issue of TCL communicating the happenings at Life U. We will still bring you the great information that you have come to expect in TCL for you and your patients, but we will add the Life section as a plus … an exciting read for those of similar beliefs who wish to see everyone on the planet have access to chiropractic care.

History will judge our efforts and contributions, but for now we’re committed to a Big Idea that we hope will cause many to say, “I CAN’T IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT LIFE U IN IT.”

Humbly submitted,