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Do you define your future or does your future define you? At Chiro One Wellness Centers, you have the ability to Shape your Future. We provide the necessary tools and support to assist you in transitioning from student to doctor and we guide you through the process of joining our organization, making that transition as smooth as possible. Through our extensive training program, we equip you with the necessary skill sets and business knowledge to become the successful doctor you have always wanted to be. As a company, our vision is, “that every human being discovers their full potential.” You will have the opportunity to discover your full potential, both personally and professionally! Begin shaping your future today … come join us and help us share the healing power of Chiropractic with the world!

Chiro One Wellness Centers

image Restoring A Youthful Diurnal Cycle

NUTRI-SPEC offers the nutrition minded doctor the DIPHASIC NUTRITION PLAN as a means to restore a high amplitude, youthful, diurnal cycle, thus minimizing and delaying the aging process.

The Diphasic Plan works by simply giving patients a tremendous boost to their anti-anabolic defenses, and an equally powerful boost to their anti-catabolic defenses, and timing each booster so as to facilitate the normal diphasic diurnal cycle.


image Chiropractic Coaching

Since 1977, The New Renaissance’s mission has  been to help DCs discover or rediscover their purpose, passion and prosperity … and we have helped thousands of DCs do just that. What we bring to the table is a complete turnkey system for creating an ultra-successful, subluxation-based practice, through patient education and the improved communication skills of the doctor.

The New Renaissance

image Office Rehab System

Appreciate high quality? Choosy? Want the MOST complete turn-key rehab system and save money? Synergy’s Office Rehab Systems offers everything you need for a comprehensive rehab center. Choose one of our three rehab systems; each includes welded chrome-plated stations, storage bracket for cords and balls, turn-key DVDs (easy for patients to follow—and motivational), exercise pads, books, tracking charts, posters and the HIGHEST quality exercise cords on the market.  Start implementing rehab today!

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