April/May 2012

Passions & Pursuitscover-a-m-12

A Need for Speed

Takes a look at three chiropractors who enjoy spending their extra time on the open road. 

Health & Fitness


When it comes to marketing “eco-friendly” products – Explains many of the common deceptions consumers run into daily.

Aging Actively

Its true. We are all getting a little older each day, so learn how to age in the best way you can–with a healthy, active lifestyle.

My Relationships

Ultimate Vacation Weekends

From mountains and vineyards to cityscapes and coastlines, reconnect with family, friends or a loved one with a vacation weekend.

There Goes the Neighborhood

Is there a balance between the physical and virtual world? Explains how the neighborhood is beginning to be replaced by social media and our every-growing mobile society.

My Profession

Community, Content & Congruency

As social media continues to evolve and become more prominent in society, this explains how implementing it into a chiropractic practice can be beneficial. 

Thought Leadership

Adjusting Animals

Sheds light on adjusting our favorite furry friends with Life University’s LIFE for Animals program. 

Money & Style

The Clothing Question

Can a patient’s clothing choices be a hindrance to chiropractors trying to provide appropriate care?

Benefiting from Foreclosure

Explains how you can benefit from a foreclosure without benefiting from the misfortune of others.