December 2011/January 2012

Passions & Pursuitscover-d-j

How Far They’ll Go

Sit down with three chiropractors to understand how these thrill-seekers learned to combine their high-risk hobbies with a chiropractic lifestyle.

A Dancer’s Dilemma

Two DCs explain how their dancing backgrounds have enabled them to better care for their patients.

Health & Fitness

Listen Up!

Continues TCL’s series on the five senses with a vitalistic view of our sense of hearing.

Gluten-Free or Not to Be?

Tackle the gluten-free debate with this informative article.

My Relationships

A Woman’s World

While many professions and industries still experience inequality among men and women, this explores the prominent role of women in the chiropractic community. 

My Profession

Chiropractic Persecution

Discuss the trials, and eventual triumphs, of the chiropractic profession.

Location is Key

Explains how chiropractors decide what place is right for their practices.   

Money & Style

Fearful Fashion

Warns readers that certain fashion choices can lead to unfashionable and unwanted consequences.

Managing Chiropractic Debt

Learn how to to better manage debt at any stage of your chiropractic career.

Vitalism Signs