President’s Letter

RiekemanTHE ADJUSTMENT OR THE PHILOSOPHY … what’s more important?

There is no question that a Chiropractic adjustment, the correction of a subluxation/neurological interference and the resultant release of a person’s potential to fulfill their destiny as a conscious self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing organism is one of the most profound experiences of life. I’ve seen teenagers come out of comas and walk out of the clinic, stroke victims begin to speak, patients who can’t lift their arms to turn on a light get off the table and reach for the stars, a father watch his brain tumor regress and have a life with his family and maybe the greatest “miracle” … families come in regularly to maintain their health for a lifetime.

I also believe there are three interferences to the nervous system: physical traumas, environmental toxins and emotional stressors. These not only affect the nervous system, but also are toxic to the body as a whole. You are much better off without these.

So, a formula unfolds … TIC + INNATE LIFESTYLE = MAGIC. Get regular CHIROPRACTIC care and then EAT well, MOVE well and THINK well. Some use this formula as a treatment for problems, but there is another way … CHANGE THE LENS THROUGH WHICH PEOPLE VIEW THE WORLD AND THEY WILL CHANGE HOW THEY FUNCTION IN RELATION TO EVERYTHING. How do you change the “LENS”?

Here’s my gift to you for the holidays and those New Year’s resolutions. It’s called POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY and Life University has one of only a handful of positive psych programs in the world. Want to know what it is and how it can change your world? Go to and type “Shawn Achor” into the search box. View his 12-minute presentation titled THE HAPPY SECRET TO BETTER WORK. It will rock your world and it will give you a scientific basis to changing your LENS in 21 days, making you more effective, happier and productive. Until you have a chance to view the presentation, here’s the punch line. For 21 days, do the following each day …

GRATITUDE … IDENTIFY THREE THINGS THAT YOU’RE GRATEFUL FOR EACH DAY … within 21 days you will train your brain to always look for the positive in every environment you walk into.

JOURNAL A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE … this will allow you to relive the experience.

EXERCISE … this programs your brain that behavior matters.

MEDITATE … this slows down the ADHD of daily life and allows your brain to learn to focus on the task at hand, making you more effective.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS … send one email each day to someone you’re grateful for or for something that someone has done.

At Life University, we’re going to do this as an INTENTION EXPERIMENT next quarter to see what can happen to individuals and the University when a whole group of people changes the LENS on how they view each other and the world. Why don’t you join us?

What’s more important … the adjustment or educating people with the philosophy? What’s more important … giving people a fish or teaching them how to fish? I can’t answer those questions, so let’s try this … why not do both?