February/March 2013

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A Love of Travel

Taking time out of our busy schedules to travel can change the way we see the world. Talks to two chiropractors who use traveling to recharge their personal and professional lives.

Health & Fitness

Your Cup of Tea

Tea has been an important part of different civilizations for generations. Investigates the history, rituals and health benefits of tea as well as its role in mindful eating.

The Great Hormone Debate

Delves into the controversial subject of hormone replacement therapy and the extent to which we should try to regulate our hormone levels as we age.

My Relationships

Chiros in the Community

From professional networking events to causes for animal rights, many chiropractors make serving their community a top priority.

Be Smart Online

Takes a look at internet etiquette and how best to represent yourself and your practice online.

It’s My LIFE

It’s My Athletic LIFE has all you need to know about Life University’s outstanding athletic program, including wrestling, basketball, women’s cross country and more.

My Profession

Dr. Sid … Mentor, Hero, Chiropractor

This past December, the Chiropractic community and Life University said goodbye to one of its pioneers, Dr. Sid Williams. Drew Rubin, D.C., reflects on Dr. Sid’s life and its lasting legacy.

Money & Style

Facing the Fiscal Cliff

The deal made in Congress to avoid the fiscal cliff has been big news for the past few months. Explains how the agreement will affect you, your family and your business.

Quick Thots

Here are a few extra things to consider regarding tea and travel, inspired by our Passions & Pursuits and Health & Fitness features this issue.

President’s Letter

Vitalism Signs