June/July 2013

Passions & Pursuitsjune:july 2013

The Power of Visualization

Profiles DCs who use the power of positive thinking to overcome fear and adversity. These chiropractors truly live Lasting Purpose and inspire others to follow their dreams.

Health & Fitness

An (Extreme) Ounce of Prevention

So-called preventive mastectomies, performed on women with an increased risk of developing breast cancer, have been in the news a lot lately. Explores the physical and psychological risks of these unnecessary surgeries.

My Relationships

Family Ties

For many chiropractors, entering into a practice with a family member—parent, sibling or spouse—may seem like a natural fit. But working with family presents a unique set of communication challenges.

Nourishing Ties Between DCs and MDs

Explores the mutual benefits of embracing collaborative strategies with professions outside of Chiropractic.

It’s My LIFE

It’s My LIFE has all you need to know about what’s happening at Life University, including the rugby national championships, CRC wrap up and more.

My Profession

The Supplement Question

The nature of many practices has evolved over the years to become inextricably linked with selling nutritional supplements. Considers the debate and potential consequences for patients.

Collaborative Care

Explores how DCs and MDs can work together for the benefit of their practices, their professions and, most importantly, their patients.

Better Score, Better Business

Improving your credit is more complicated than paying your bills on time, especially if you own a business. Speaks to experts to find out how DCs can boost their scores.

Quick Thots

Here are a few extra things to consider regarding allergies, design resources and symbiotic relationships, inspired by our Passions & Pursuits, Health & Fitness and My Profession features this issue.

President’s Letter

Vitalism Signs