October/November 2011

Passions & Pursuitscover-o-n

Microbrewer DCs

A look into the lives of chiropractors-turned-brewmasters who split their time between their practices and a love affair with beer.

DC Gourmands

Explores the lives these chiropractors and their culinary creations.

Health & Fitness

See for Yourself

As part of the look into the five senses, this gives us a glimpse of our sense of sight.

Alcohol and Wellness

Help us find a balance with booze.

My Relationships

Image Issues

You’re not the only one. Sit down to discuss the idea of vanity and image within the chiropractic community. 

My Profession

Where’s Your Salt Shaker?

Uncovers the connection between two seemingly different service industries: restaurants and Chiropractic.

Chiropractic S.O.S.

A look into failing chiropractic practices and the makeovers that saved them.

Money & Style

A Local Approach

Explores the farm-to-table movement and how you can take advantage of this practice in your own community.

Planning for Your Chiropractic Retirement

Find out what retirement plans are best for you to plan for your retirement years.

Vitalism Signs