October/November 2012

Passions & Pursuitscover-o-n-12

Chiro Writers

Writing everything from medical thrillers to faith-based tales to books o health and longevity, three chiropractors share what led them to become published authors.

Health & Fitness

The Psychology of Weight

Dissects the modern culture’s misunderstanding of words like “health” and “diet,” while highlighting the importance of a lifelong commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.

Home Remedies that Work

Before you head to the doctor for a minor ailment, check out these options.

My Relationships

Calling Dr. Freud

Explores when to consider couples counseling.

My Profession

Inspiring Chiropractic’s Leaders

Life University’s most prominent figures share who they look to as fellow thought leaders.

Designing for DCs

Explores the importance of aesthetics in your practice and elements to consider.

Money & Style

DIY Interior Design

Thinking about making a few design upgrades in your home or office? Use these tips to revamp any space to suit your style.

Investing in a Practice

When designing your personal and professional life, it’s important to cover all the bases–including financing.

President’s Letter

Vitalism Signs