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Passions & Pursuits

From the Ground Up

Building a successful practice sometimes means more than hiring the right staff. Gwyn Herbein talks to three DCs who found greater purpose in renovating or designing their offices. 

Health & Fitness

Green Coffee

Chlorogenic acid, a compound found in raw coffee cherries, has taken on a new role as a weight-loss agent. Writer Jenny Neill explores the origins of this phenomenon and how Chiropractic should respond. 

Thriving with Allergies

Jacqui Frasca explores the potential causes in recent years' rise in environmental allergies, as well as how to seek relief and accept them as part of the body's natural response system.

My Relationships

Shaping Healthy Office Relationships

Providing quality chiropractic care and maintaining good office relationships go hand in hand. Benjamin Davidow explains how DCs can ensure their staff works well together.

With a Mindset of Abundance

Writer Echo Garrett tells of growing the chiropractic profession by embracing a new philosophy of abundance. 

It’s My LIFE

It's My LIFE has all you need to know about what's happening at Life University, including LIFE Vision, Dr. Sid William's memorial and more. 

My Profession

With a Little Help from Our Friends

Over the years, philosophical differences and competition for patients have stymied the chiropractic profession. Working together can build a true Chiropractic community. By Steve LaBate.

Money & Style

Chiropractic Crusaders

From Asia to South America, a new generation of DCs is leaving the comfort of home to spread the Chiropractic message all over the world. By Laura Newsome. 

Quick Thots

Here are a few extra things to consider regarding allergies, design resources and symbiotic relationships, inspired by our Passions & Pursuits, Health & Fitness and My Profession features this issue.

President’s Letter

By Dr. Guy Riekeman

Vitalism Signs

By Rebecca Koch